The winter edition of the Florida Bar’s International Law Quarterly (ILQ) is out. The ILQ is quickly becoming required reading for any international lawyer. While the last issue focused on China, the focus of the latest edition is international litigation and arbitration.

As Editor-in-Chief Alvin F. Lindsay points out, the geographical diversity of the authors selected for this edition is truly remarkable. There is something for everybody, from A View from Abroad: Corporate Responsibility for International Crimes? to Lost in Translation: American Juror Perceptions of Foreign Litigants. Other articles include:

  • The Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Brazil and the Ratification of the New York Convention
  • Production of Electronic Documents and Information: New UK Practice Direction Targets Costs of Electronic Disclosure
  • The Better Approach to Deciding 28 U.S.C. §1782 Applications for U.S. Discovery in Private Arbitrations Abroad
  • International Arbitration in Australia
  • The Necessity Defense in Bilateral Investment Treaties: Looking Forward
  • Florida Adopts UNCITRAL Model law on International Commercial Arbitration to Further Bolster Miami’s Ability to Compete as a Viable Seat.
  • Unchartered Waters: The Kishenganga River Project Dispute and Arbitration Under the Indus Waters Treaty

As you can see, there’s something for everyone interested in international litigation and arbitration. This issue of the ILQ will make every international lawyer a better one. Enjoy!